Helly Hansen Warsash Spring Series – Race 1

The weekend past saw the UK racing calendar kick off with a bang with the first race of the highly competitive Warsash Spring series & Spring Championships. The team were up against stiff competition in the fastest class, IRC 1 and were subject to their first test in the strong tidal waters of the Solent. Saturday provided a productive training day to get to grips with the new race area and surroundings, as well as a fly-by from our mothership S/Y Firebird.

The icy, crisp Sunday morning brought light winds and an extremely low tide delaying our launch time a little, although the start got underway promptly and LMR soured across the line to collect line honours. An early break in our string line drop system saw manual drops being the theme for the race, though this did not hinder our pace and we comfortably lead for the duration of the race. With a wealth of lessons learnt and a 4th place to our name, it is most definitely is an encouraging start to the series. Our next race of the series is Sunday 3rd April.

Mike Jones