Helly Hansen Warsash Spring Series – Race 3

The training focus of this weekend was to keep the boat in the groove, with an emphasis on the repetition of key manouevres and the roles and communication on board. On Saturday we staged a short-legged course, challenging us to perform in a pressured race scenario. By doing this we were able to highlight the weaker areas and put more focus on improving them before race day on Sunday. A steady 12-14 knots with flat water and beaming sunlight provided us with ideal conditions to carry out these tasks.

Light winds and a South Easterly breeze of 7-8 knots building to 12 saw much the same conditions from training the day before (minus the sun!). We were all pleased to see there were considerably more boats on the water, with 66 racing across the classes. The round the cans race of two and a half hours most definitely put the manoeurves we had practiced into play, with large upwind and downwind legs.  Although Lady Mariposa R struggled to find her speed in the first half of the race, the second half saw a large improvement on pace and we were the first boat to cross the line in our class. Now we need to focus on finding those minutes between us and first!

The team meet again this weekend for the fourth race of the series. Keep watching this space…

Mike Jones